How I Discovered Ayurveda

And why I started my Ayurvedic Clinic in London






My Beginning in Medicine

I have always been fascinated by medical healing systems and the research that goes along with it. Thus, the idea that stuck with me during my teens was to be a scientist. Soon the idea took real form, when I graduated/started my journey as a Cellular Pathology Scientist working for a number of CRO (Central Research Organisations), NHS and private pathology organisations. Working for these organisations was both an enjoyable and educational experience, a feeling I still share when I work there.

Working in Western medicine for the last 10 years has made it evident to me that the Western medicine is built around masking the symptoms and not focused on the cause. As a result, the medicines prescribed have short/long term side-effects on a patient’s overall well-being which has detrimental effect on patient health as they keep getting relapses and other associated illness.


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Ayurvedic clinic in London and Bexleyheath, Kent. Holistic treatment of the mind body and soul.

My Introduction to Ayurveda

Feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled with Western medicine, I decided to look at alternative healing systems which are evidence based but also treat the body as a whole (body, mind, soul). A system which is structured around eliminating the cause rather than polluting the body with harmful side-effects from the medicines. After many years of research, I came across several healing systems but soon realised that many (such as Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, naturopathy and polarity therapy etc.) have their roots in Ayurveda.

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Ayurvedic clinic in London and Bexleyheath, Kent. Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition.

Why Ayurveda Appealed to Me

Ayurveda is an evidence based science that provides a system of clinical medicine, and presents its unique philosophy, theory and practical application on a clinical level. Its treatment plan is uniquely designed and is appropriate to each individual, and includes the elimination of cause(s), treatment of the condition, rebuilding of the body and the continuing support of a rejuvenation program.

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What Ayurveda Did for Me

My belief in this system grew stronger when I aligned my lifestyle/diet according to the guidelines of Ayurvedic regime which caused significant positive changes. I have always had a weak immune system which caused frequent episodes of tonsillitis and sinusitis every year which was pretty normal for me back then, but after following the Ayurvedic route, I haven’t had any episodes and feel much stronger.

Also, I had been suffering from tendonitis for the last 5 years (which was extremely painful) and even took many medicines/ supplements/ physio/ osteo sessions but nothing helped until I made a few lifestyle/diet changes as per Ayurveda’s guidelines. My faith in Ayurveda gets deeper each day, as I treat my patients and see significant positive improvements, and I am truly passionate about helping others achieve the benefits Ayurveda can offer.

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Ayurvedic clinic in London and Kent. Holistic, alternative medicine treatments with ayurveda 3.


Ayurvedic clinic in London and Bexleyheath, Kent. Ayurveda alternative medicine treatments. 3

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Ayurvedic clinic in London and Bexleyheath, Kent. Ayurveda holistic medicine. 3

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