"After the suggestion of more autoimmune suppressants I started to search in seriousness and found Kiran, and from the very first telephone call I felt not only heard, but held. It wasn't just a tick-box interview, it was a deep concern in who and what I was, and what I believed in."


"Shortly after I had began taking the herbs Kiran had prescribed, I began to feel the benefits. I began to feel lighter and more energetic within the first week, and it just go t better as the weeks went by...I cannot praise her treatment enough.


"I have been seeing Kiran for I think just over a month now, and the results have been incredible. I knew I had digestive issues because I frequently bloated after meals, but within two weeks of starting Kiran's treatment, I noticed such a significant improvement in my body. I'm feeling great both physically and mentally, my allergies are improving and I haven't had a flare up since I started taking the herbs. Kiran is amazing, she's very knowledgeable and she always takes the time to understand your problems and makes you feel comfortable all the way through the process. I truly recommend Kiran for short or long term health issues, I believe everything happens for a reason and finding Kiran has been a blessing for me. "



"I felt warmly welcomed, always taken seriously which is very important, and conversation led to a general wellbeing, being respected, being treated in a kind and very thoughtful manner."


"I feel probably the best I've felt in about 12 years, in lots of different avenues of my life not just physical health, but my overall wellbeing and I think Kiran's support made it a lot easier to go through the process."



"I began working with Kiran as of recurrent Ulcerative Colitis and eczema, and I was ready to start something new. Kiran's holistic approach, combined with her scientific background really appealed to me. She made several recommendations, always explaining her reasoning to me and adapting herbs and treatments to my lifestyle as we went and the result was my eczema cleared up quickly, I stopped getting stomach cramps and I had much more energy and concentration in general. I enjoyed the process and learning more about Ayurvedic medicine and I'd definitely recommend Kiran."



" I do not believe meeting Kiran was by pure chance. Since our initial consultation, she has manged to pinpoint and address issues with my wellbeing. She is calm and extremely understanding and is willing to go the extra mile. My main concerns were severe eczema and digestive issues which have significantly improved. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who has short term or long term health issues."



‘'She is not a practitioner she is my healer.' Around April 2019, I started having terrible pains around my lower abdominal area and around January 2020 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis/High-Cholesterol/Pre-Diabetic. I was recommended painkillers/surgeries by the NHS, not the route I would have preferred but felt that it was the only way to lead a life without pain, but then I was introduced to Ayurveda/Ayur-Vaidya. It has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself! Not only have I lost the weight in a healthy/sustainable manner but my symptoms have improved significantly ( i.e. my cholesterol is normal, I am no longer pre-diabetic and my endometriosis has improved a lot!). I love when Kiranjeet gets into the details of the cause of the disease/ treatment plan and she doesn't give up on me. Thank you so so much."



Ayur Vaidya/Kiran is an excellent health guide, she takes the time to understand your problems and solves them. She is knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions that suited me. I was pregnant at the time (when I approached her); she made my journey a lot easier.

My biggest problem in pregnancy was coughing at night which resulted in very low energy. With the help of Ayur-Vaida, I regained my energy and felt healthy and happy for the duration of my pregnancy. On top of the great health advise she offers, she is also emotionally very supportive and made herself available whenever I needed her. I have tried many remedies to feel good, but Ayur-vaidya's remedies have yielded the fastest and best result. It was a very convenient process; she even formulated a plan from my kitchen! I blindly trusted her; I had no reservation following their method. The effect has been incredible, I feel great even after giving birth! Compared to my previous pregnancies, I feel much more energised and confident. Kiran's energy was infectious, she has a great positive attitude, even my children gravitated towards her! I was able to open up to her and felt at ease/comfortable sharing.

I was used to getting comments on having a bloated face which really knocked my confidence down but within 10 days of starting the treatment, I received countless compliments on my skin and face. I feel great! Kiran balanced my needs with the needs of the baby. She formulated a plan which would solve my issues and have a healthy impact on my baby. Her impact on us, will forever be imprinted in my heart. She has instilled habits for life and has helped me feel like a younger, confident and rejuvenated women. Her eager attitude has become part of me, I will continue embody her lifestyle. I will never forget her words, remedies and methods. I believe working with Ayur-Vaidya, has become a imperative part of my healthy family life. Thank you Kiran